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In early childhood, my father and stepmother encouraged me to make drawings and paintings about what I dreamed the night before. Like many, my parents often pinned my work to the refrigerator, but they also framed many of these mementos. It was a marvelous form of validation for me and influenced my love for painting today.

Making a painting for me is always a journey, and working with abstract imagery is in my blood. The daughter of Robert Motherwell and step-daughter of Helen Frankenthaler, it was initially challenging to find my identity in my work.

While studying painting at Bard College in the early '70s, my professors were also working with abstraction. They helped me develop my own visual language and, over time I eventually found my voice. That's when I realized that the work I make is about me, not my family.
Jeannie Motherwell, Cambridge, MA

Daydream: A dreamlike musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfillment of wishes or hopes.
American Heritage Dictionary

"Reason and logic do not belong in a work of art. It should approach the state of a dream."
Giorgio de Chirico Paintbrush image © Mary Kocol

Water's Edge
Big Bang
Night Rhythms


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